The Future of the College Admissions Process

The Cappex Application removes the biggest application barriers for college-bound students: time and money. For colleges, it creates a more efficient admissions process by allowing you to turn your targeted, Cappex inquiries into completed applications.



Free to Colleges and Students

Perhaps the biggest barrier to students, the cost of applying to multiple colleges limits the consideration set for most students. As a result, colleges are not receiving many potential quality candidates due to financial constraints. The Cappex Application is completely free for both parties – creating a mutually positive experience from the onset.

Standardized Fields and Essays

The time it takes to fill out applications is arguably the most strenuous barrier to college-bound students. The length and repetitiveness of college applications causes burn-out and application drop-off. The Cappex Application is one comprehensive, uniform set of questions and essays so students can eliminate the frustrating tradeoff between quality and quantity.



Centralized Submission from

The Cappex Application enables admissions offices to receive complete student applications directly from Cappex. The Cappex Application saves admissions departments multiple steps, enabling them to focus more of their time on the student admissions decisions and less on the application steps.

We Make It Easy To Activate With A Few Simple Steps



Personal Dedication
Cappex Client Services team ensures a quick and painless launch


Data Mapping
Our comprehensive Data Dictionary allows your tech team to easily map fields with a few clicks


Test Send
We send you a test demo application to ensure systems are speaking


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