Counselor Information

A College Application Designed With Counselor Input 

We talked to hundreds of counselors from across the country about the college application process. What did we learn? Counselors think college applications are too stressful and too complicated. The Cappex Application has changed this.

It's Free

College application fees add up quickly. The Cappex Application is free for all students, regardless of how many applications they decide to submit or where they apply. College applications have never been more accessible. 

It's Widely Accepted

Dozens of schools across the country accept the Cappex Application, meaning there's a school on it for every one of your unique students. Our partner colleges give students who complete the Cappex Application the same consideration they give students who applied via another application. You can see our full list of partner colleges here.

It's easy for counselors to upload transcripts and letters of recommendation, no matter how many schools a student applies to. You'll receive an email with a link and be able to upload supporting documents with the click of a button.




Have additional questions? Check out our FAQs for counselors.